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Design for sale #1

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Design for sale #1

This artwork was designed especially for your customer. 300 Dpi in 1:1 scale what means you can place this artwork from tiny Smart to huge Bus without  quality loss.

We have prepared each project in such a way that the installer does not worry about the lining up, transitions between car parts like side / roof, or fender/ bumper, fender/ hood etc, making a quality design at the same time.

Driver /Passenger  tile 460 x 130 cm in 300 Dpi. (150 cm height in 260 Dpi)
Rear Bumper tile 270 x  86 cm in 300 Dpi.
Roof/ Tailgate tile 287 x 130 cm in 300 Dpi.

Please do not hesitate to ask us to apply this product to your car. We can do it in 24 hours (working days only) from the moment payment is accounted.

Do need to print your design. No problem, all designs from our stock can be printed by EPSON SC 80 610 on 3M IJ180mC.  – just ask for price for Your car!

Design for sale #1

Livery Design

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