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Who we are?

Our Creative Automotive Studio works with top wrapping studios across the globe to manage everything from the initial idea and concept development to the final realization of projects. We respect and incorporate traditional practices in our innovative designs. Each project is distinguished by its distinctive artistic image and practical solutions, but ultimately, the client is the driving force behind the project. Our primary objective is to showcase their values and uniqueness through design, and we encourage our clients to make bold decisions. Additionally, we can communicate with clients in German, Polish, Japanese, and English.

3 days for 1 design!

Our approach to design is to avoid taking on more than we can handle, as we understand that the design process requires time. We prioritize our clients’ needs and have structured our workflow to allow us to complete projects within three working days. For example, if we start on Monday and Wednesday, we will deliver the printable files to you by the end of the third day. By focusing solely on your project during this time, we are able to work efficiently and meet all of your requirements. We strive to plan our workload effectively to ensure timely delivery of your design and maintain a full queue of work every month, benefiting both parties.

The quality

Firstly we preparing artworks on car blueprints from CCVision 

Secondly, templates for design preview are provided by Wrap-Wizards.com, which means 12000×5600 px for Your design visualization.

Thirdly, and most importantly – Design extensions we deliver for print house as ready to print files without any additional adjustments needed: PDF 150 Dpi 1:1 scale, Ai, EPS.

Trusted us

Our awesome team


Our Logo evolution


First reveral of our logo, was definetely not our best choice, but red color has something special.

11. May 2014.


The second edition of our logo accompanied us for the next 3 years. The eagle was a patriotic, sporty accent.

24. Feb 2015.


The third edition was a slight facelift of the previous typography. Still, the logo did not meet our aesthetic requirements, so we kept looking.

15. Jul/ 2016.


The fourth variant of our logotype was the re-created eagle symbol and new typography.

01. Sep 2018.


The fifth and most up-to-date version of the logo is a kind of return to the original company colors and a completely new typography.

01. Jan 2020.